Start: The race starts on Butler Pike, near the intersection of Butler and Lindenwold.  Ambler Savings & Loan is on the corner.


The race proceeds south down Butler Pike.  At the intersection of Main St, make a right.  At the intersection of Reiff's Mill Rd, make a right. Slight uphill. At the intersection of Mt. Pleasant Ave, make a right.  At the next intersection (Knight's Rd on the left and Hendricks St on the right) make a left (onto Knights Rd.)

1 Mile: ~65 yards after turn.

Follow Knights Rd to the end.  Continue on short paved footpath to the continuation of Knights Rd. At the intersection of Brights Ln, make a right.


2 Mile: Shortly after the curve on Brights Ln.


Make right turn off Brights Ln onto the footpath. (If the footpath is  unusable: follow Brights Ln to the intersection of Pennlynn Bluebell Pk, make a right. At the intersection of Dager Rd, make a right.) Follow the footpath around until you reach Wissahickon HS, where it ends along Dager Rd. 


3 Mile: Intersection of Dager Rd and Wills Pond entrance.


At the intersection of Houston Rd, make a right.  At the intersection of Knights Rd, make a left. (Knights Rd turns into Hendricks St at Mt Pleasant Ave.) Stay on Hendricks St.


4 Mile: Intersection of Hendricks St and Grist Mill (between Mt. Pleasant and Tennis Ave.)


Follow Hendricks St (slight down and up) to the intersection of Forrest Ave, make a right. At the intersection of Ridge, make a left.  Cross over Butler Pike. At the intersection of Poplar St, make a right.  The finish is 50 yards downhill on Poplar St.