(Stretching & Complaining start 15 minutes prior to Fun Run)
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Temple Ambler
North Wales Running Company
  Temple Ambler
  Starbucks in Springhouse
Saturday, December 29th

L-R: Lisa, Hank, Dave, Steve, Ray, Karen, John, Joanne, Kathy, Lakshmi, Sandy, Linda
In Front: Jeff

Saturday, December 22nd
That was a short winter!
Welcome to the Fun Run, Emily!

L-R: Michele, Hank, Steve, Rita, Joanne, Jack, Ali, Linda, Emily, Lisa, Alan
And the McWilliams and Garberns were there too, but a little
too late for the picture.
Saturday, December 15th

L-R: Karen, Sandy, Linda, Rita, Dave, Joanne, Alan

Saturday, December 4th













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