(For a chronicle and pictures of previous Fun Runs (from 2002) click here.)

Last summer, AARC Fun Runs were moved from Monday evening to Thursday evening.  By providing "lead" runners, a safer and more pleasant route, runs of varying pace and distance, and (most important) refreshments after the runs, participation grew considerably.

Meeting at sunset-dependent times, the popularity of the runs has continued unabated through the changing seasons.  When darkness prevented our using the paths behind Bethlehem Pike and Norristown Road, the run was moved to Temple University's Ambler campus, where we were afforded the warmth and accommodations of the campus gym before and after the run.

Runs have continued through the winter, as evidenced by the photos below, and the continuing appearance of runners on Monday and Thursday nights (now offering runs twice a week) through all temperatures and weather.  You just never know who's going to show up!

Come join us for a casual, sometimes challenging, and always enjoyable Fun Run!

November 14 nov14.jpg (41064 bytes) November Run Breaks Attendance Record!
December 5 Run cancelled on account of snow; click here for pictures of annual holiday party Fri. The great snow blizzard of '02
December 12 1212b.jpg (36810 bytes) Fun Run followed by hot chocolate
January 2, 2003 010203.jpg (23400 bytes) A cool winter run to start 2003!
January 9, 2003 010903s.jpg (38872 bytes) Loyal winter runners continue their trek through Ambler streets.
January16, 2003 011603.jpg (17768 bytes) Good running before the snow falls
January 23, 2003 20030123.jpg (11326 bytes) Coldest Day of 2002!
February 6, 2003 020603.jpg (56207 bytes) Before the Great Snowfall of '03
February 20, 2003 20jan03m.jpg (36588 bytes) Post-Frostbite Fun Run
February 24, 2003 022403.jpg (35981 bytes) Spring is just around the corner
February 27, 2003 022703m.jpg (39964 bytes)  
Oh Three, Oh Three, Oh Three, Oh Three 030303a.jpg (59127 bytes)  
March 7, 2003 030703.jpg (25694 bytes)  
March 10, 2003 031003.jpg (36898 bytes)  
March 13, 2003 031303.jpg (44592 bytes)  
March 17, 2003 031703a.jpg (31038 bytes)  
March 24, 2003 032403.jpg (33350 bytes)  
March 27, 2003 fr032703.jpg (39162 bytes)  
March 31, 2003  
April 3, 2003 040303.jpg (39241 bytes)  
April 10, 2003

FunRun20030410x2.jpg (79076 bytes)

Allen to update us with his friends names. 

April 14, 2003

041403.jpg (32033 bytes)

Fun Run

April 17, 2003 041703.jpg (49707 bytes) Funner Run
April 21, 2003

fr042103.jpg (659836 bytes)

Even Funner Run

All 7 miles

April 24, 2003

042403m.jpg (35475 bytes)

The funnest Run ever
April 28, 2003 funrun20030428.jpg (46762 bytes) Spring
May 1, 2003 funrun20030501.jpg (42152 bytes) Summer like weather finally brings Toby out of hibernation. 

Nice to see you Toby

May 8, 2003 FunRun20030508.jpg (36259 bytes) Another runner comes back to run the Fun Run
May 12, 2003
May 15, 2003 FunRun20030515.jpg (46184 bytes) Click on the picture to find out more about Sandor's "Sitbee" Patent Pending 
May 22, 2003 FunRun20030522.jpg (43337 bytes) Rain falls for many days in May but not during our Fun Runs    


(For a chronicle and pictures of previous Fun Runs (from 2002) click here.)











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