Monday, December 27
How cold was it?

It was so cold that Christine wanted to stay in the car.
L-R: Tom, Christine         Late: Tony            BTC: Nathan

Thursday, December 23
Rain let up, just like the weather report said it would,
allowing runners to get in 5, 6, or 7 miles
and a post-run visit to the neighborhood Christmas Display.

Dick, Andy, Tony, Dolly, and Alan

Monday, December 20

Last day of Fall, 2004: "Cool" temperatures don't deter local runners

L-R: Ali, Dolly
BTC: Nathan
Catching up: Dick

Saturday, December 18

Starbucks + Run = Fun for Karen, Jim, Lynne, and Nathan (BTC)

Thursday, December 16

Clockwise from top:  Andy, Ali, Kim, Nathan, Tony, Ed

BTC:  Karen

Click Here for Pix of the Post-Fun Run festivities


Saturday, December 11

Shouldn't we start getting royalties from Starbucks for Product Placement?
Welcome to AARC Fun Runs, Jim!

L-R: Jim, Lynne, Ed (!), Alan, Sandor, Elena, Roy
BTC: Nathan






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